With Triple-S Compost as your partner, you have a full-service, one-stop shop for all your mulch, compost and specialty soil blends. Our sustainable solutions create economic, environmental and social value that benefits customers, communities and the environment for generations to come.


We manufacture the premium products we supply. Starting with locally sourced, organic waste such as lawn clippings, lumber, leaves, brush and tree limbs, our state-of-the-art equipment and careful processing convert the waste into premium mulches and composts, high-quality soils and conditioners, and even specialty blends specified to your unique project. Our proven organic composting methods improve nutrient levels, increase moisture retention and offer better aeration than traditional mulches, soils and potting mixes. No matter your application or job size, you can count on us for the highest quality and consistency — on every load, for every project.


Our goal is to set the highest industry standard for service and customer care. Our deep industry knowledge, innovative thinking and project management skills are already a powerful combination for our customers, but the unparalleled hustle and can-do attitude we bring to every job are what make Triple-S stand out from the competition. We like to exceed expectations the first time we work with you — and find ways to keep exceeding them.

Sustainable Solutions

We’re serious about sustainability. Our business solves several environmental problems with creative and sustaining solutions. We divert organic waste from landfills, composting it using state-of-the art processes and soil amendments to produce richer, more nutrient-dense soils, mulches and fertilizers that are then used to nourish, revegetate and beautify the land — a cycle that creates economic, environmental and social value. And the best part? It’s a cycle that repeats itself again and again, benefiting us all for generations to come.


We have the scale to handle any job, and the breadth and depth of experience to add significant value to your business across many industries and applications. Beyond our core business of manufacturing premium green-waste products, under the Sprint umbrella of companies we have access to an array of services and businesses that can help give you a competitive edge. Triple-S Compost can be your full-service, one-stop shop from project inception to completion — partnering with land clearers, haulers, transportation, delivery and more — all to make a key difference for your business, your customers and your next project.


All of this is done with our singular mission in mind: to raise the bar on soil quality, service, sustainability and scale to create and extend rich, long-lasting relationships with our customers, our partners and the communities we serve. Your satisfaction is paramount in all we do. At Triple-S Compost, we believe if we take care of your business, our business will take care of itself.

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