Soil blends


Soil blends from Triple-s

Garden Mix


Garden Mix is designed with your plant's health in mind. Our garden mix is designed with the assistance of professional horticulturalists to ensure the proper drainage, nutrients and pH provide the best possible plant health for your next project. This specially designed mix contains Triple-S premium compost, organic humus, topsoil and a sandy loam. 

Enriched Topsoil


Enriched Topsoil is manufactured using a premium sandy loam topsoil and compost. These are blended together and screened down to approximately ½ inch to make the perfect topdressing fill or base for laying new sod or hydroseed. Our enriched topsoil can also be used to fill in and pack into those low spots where you wish to regrow grass.

Sandy Loam


Sandy Loam is typically made up of sands with varying amounts of virgin topsoil. This soil profile is usually well drained and is the reason it is sought after by both commercial and residential gardeners. Typically this type of soil has a more neutral pH and is easily maintained for gardening when proper nutrients and amendments are made. Our sandy loam works well for many different uses from filling low spots to entirely grading off a new-build construction site.

Select Fill


Select Fill is a material used most often for building pads as a base for poured concrete. Select fill is usually a mix of clay and sand that is dug and tossed to obtain a consistent mix, so that when worked and compacted, the material will pass required testing for engineer specifications on building pads. Our select fill has many different specifications and therefore suits engineering discretion concerning plasticity index. 

Fill Dirt


Fill Dirt is a mix of many types of material from sandy loam, select fill, gravel and other miscellaneous materials designed to be a budget-friendly way to fill pot holes in driveways and other areas where just a little dirt is needed.

Landscaper's Mix


Landscaper’s Mix combines our organic, recycled compost and a stable, well-aged humus for a suitable bedding mix for any budget. Landscaper’s Mix has wide-ranging applications and appeals to home gardeners and commercial installers for an economical way to achieve a healthy and beautiful garden.