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Premium Green-Waste Products

Triple-S Compost specializes in the manufacture of premium mulches, soils, composts and playground cushion sourced from organic waste such as lawn clippings, forest and land clearings, and food debris. The premium blends that result are nutrient rich, free of dyes, paints and added chemicals, and fully restorative and sustainable to the environment. Click on the tiles below to learn more about our full line of organic-waste, premium-blend products:

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Sustainable Solutions for Your Organization

At Triple-S Compost, we know great things can happen when we work together. That’s why we seek genuine partnerships with customers, suppliers and businesses committed to innovative organic solutions to environmental challenges. Whether it’s producing a unique soil blend or compost, creating a beneficial reuse of materials or products in your supply chain, or uncovering a new sustainable solution for your waste product, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your next project.

Borden Milk | When the dairy distributor needed a better disposal method for a small but costly waste stream, our experts came up with a beneficial reuse that saved the dairy company money while reducing landfilled waste. Borden partners with Triple-S to supply us with a large number of discarded tea bags for use in our composted materials. Rather than  adding the spent tea bags to the landfill, we instead use them in our recycling process to increase nitrogen, making our products more attractive for earthworms. It’s the circle of life at its best, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this simple but valuable sustainability solution.

Montgomery County, Texas | The county north of Houston is serious about reducing its environmental impact, vowing to divert municipal waste from area landfills to reach or exceed sustainability goals. Known for  beautiful Lake Conroe, piney woods and rolling hills, the county partners with Triple-S to reduce landfilled materials, turning them into valuable soil and mulches that enrich and extend the value of surrounding lands, many of which supply Montgomery County and Conroe-area landscapers and homeowners. 

Magic Worm Ranch | Gary Green, an expert “wormologist” known for his work with earthworm castings as a soil nutrient, had a unique proposition for us. Earthworm castings are the digested soil worms leave behind, rich in nutrients and microorganisms. With earthworm castings gaining more awareness as a plant superfood, our partnership provides us with worm castings to improve our compost and Green’s company with the Triple-S Tea Compost he uses exclusively in his work. It’s a win-win for both parties and a creative way to increase awareness of what many garden experts consider to be the best soil amendment under the sun!

Consulting and Additional Services

Our experts have decades of experience in green recycling, waste management services, sustainability and environmental solutions. In addition, under the Sprint umbrella of companies, we have preferred access to waste and recycling services, hauling, transport, equipment rental and repair, sand and clay, and related resources that can greatly benefit your organization. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Call us today to discuss your project or application needs.