The wide appeal of sustainable, green-recycled landscaping products

Our green-recycled, premium landscaping products are ideal for gardens and projects of any size and scope. With exceptional performance in projects from Houston’s most prominent gardens and landmarks to your backyard, our composts, soils and mulches not only fulfill the circular economy but also tremendously improve the health of the land where they are applied.

Rqy2M5_A.png“High-performance recycled landscaping products are gaining tremendous popularity as more gardeners and landscapers learn about the quality benefits,” Triple-S Compost’s Jonathan Holub said. “From improving the health of the underlying soil to reducing the need for water and chemical fertilizers to the spectacular results of plants, flowers and vegetables planted, most customers come back for more.”

Our staff understands that every type of customer has different goals and levels of knowledge about sustainable landscaping products and soil blends. Whether you’re specifying a large commercial installation for LEED-AP certification or just want to go chemical free in your own yard, we take the time to understand your needs and answer any questions you have.

Landscape architects and designers. Landscape architecture firms across greater Houston trust our premium soils, blends and amendments for their projects. No matter your design or sustainability requirements, our high-performance products and seasoned experts add up to an impressive win on your next project.

Distributors and wholesalers. We have the scale and resources to handle the volume and turnaround you need. We help wholesale nurseries, resale yards and other suppliers ensure their customers’ businesses are growing and thriving, and that they have a ready supply of product. 

Landscaping professionals. Landscapers need quality product at a competitive price. With stiff competition and slim margins, landscapers can count on our high-performance products and customer service excellence to make a measurable difference in your business.

Sustainability partners. Businesses, organizations and municipalities partner with us for innovative solutions to their most pressing environmental problems. Do you have a particular waste stream that might be ideal for our recycling process? Our projects produce economic, environmental and social value, helping you reach sustainability goals while optimizing your bottom line. We can show you how.

Commercial installers. With Triple-S Compost as your partner, you can rest easy knowing our soils and blends are tested, verified and certified to the highest quality standards to ensure the best project outcomes.

Homeowners and residential. Choose the soils and blends professionals use for your next landscaping project. From the largest delivery to the smallest truckload, we strive for absolute customer satisfaction on every job.

At Triple-S Compost, we understand every project is unique and different. Our soil experts take the time to listen to your goals and vision to help determine what’s best for your property or project. Give us a call today to learn more about how our products can help you go Green for Life.