We aren't the only coffee and tea lovers around here!

We all know the personal benefits of tea and coffee, but did you know how beneficial these leave-behind grounds are for soil recycling and production? Composting tea and coffee grounds is a green method of disposal that farmers and gardeners have been using for centuries, but in our convenience-based, throw-away society, people don’t consider the many benefits — and benefactors — of diverting this common kitchen waste from our trash cans:

Blog-7-Website.jpgPlants and flowers love it. Coffee and tea grounds are an organic, nitrogen-rich waste stream that balances carbon-rich materials to improve the soil’s overall moisture and drainage, increase oxygen levels, and maintain soil structure. The grounds not only improve soil texture, they act as a slow-release fertilizer, root stimulator and natural fungicide. Another benefit is that tea and coffee grounds repel unwanted pests from the garden. The natural aromas seem to deter underground pests like slugs and ants and can also keep aboveground critters like mice, possums and even cats at bay.

Earthworms love it. Earthworms are nature’s little recyclers and composters, playing an essential role in the soil construction and regeneration process. Worms tunnel in the soil, eating and excreting organic matter as castings, basically rich, nutrient-dense fertilizers. The castings are outstanding sources of microorganisms for plants — a veritable plant superfood! Whether it’s adding tea and coffee grounds in our soil recycling process on a larger scale or adding tea and coffee grounds to your home compost or garden, the increase and overall boost to earthworm populations are an undisputed win in any garden and landscaping project.

Green recyclers love it! With so many boosts and benefits in soil production, it’s no wonder tea and coffee grounds are getting diverted from landfills and back into soil production at ever-higher volumes. At Triple-S Compost, we work with companies and organizations to divert this waste stream, and we actively seek new and creative opportunities with additional partners. When a high-use waste gets diverted from landfills to improve and enrich soils, blends, mulches and composts we can then use to revegetate and beautify the land in our area, everybody wins!

Now that you know the benefits of your morning coffee and tea brews extend well beyond your home or commercial kitchen, or your company’s break room, are you thinking of wiser ways to reuse and recycle tea and coffee grounds? Triple-S Compost’s seasoned professionals can help you think through the possibilities to capture the many benefits of coffee and tea composting, improve corporate sustainability goals, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Contact us today to learn more!