Our website is new and Improved!

blog-one.jpgWelcome to the new TripleSCompost.com. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce ourselves and get started on a new page of history at our company. Our site showcases our premium green-waste products and services, along with important details about our commitment to customer care. We want you to know all about us, what we have to offer, how we hope to grow in future, and how we can help your business grow, too! Here are a few site features we love:

Content to inform your project choices. At Triple-S Compost, we understand beautiful, healthy projects start with high-performance materials, so we want you to fully understand your product choices. Learn more about our premium mulches, soils and composts—or talk to our team about how we can tailor a custom blend to your exact specification.

Precision metrics you can trust. Not sure how much product you will need? No problem. Our handy calculator on our home page can help you estimate your project needs, and our helpful team can answer any questions or concerns you have about product quality or quantity. Best of all, before you leave our yard, our volumetric scanner uses infrared technology to measure the product you purchase to exacting standards.

News you can use. We’re passionate about the young and growing green-waste industry, and we look forward to using our blog to educate, promote and inspire our readers about organic composting and its benefits. We’ll discuss industry news and events, trending products and methods, innovative partnerships, and what’s happening at our company and with our team. We’ll invite our composting and installation experts to share their knowledge about industry trends and practices, and from time to time we’ll even ask guest columnists spanning our industry to share their thoughts and expertise.

We’re social! With our social media sites, we have more ways to engage with customers, landscapers and garden lovers than ever. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube to get the latest “dirt” on how folks are using our dirt! We can’t wait to see what our soils can do out in the community, at your place of business, or in your backyard.

Thanks for visiting our new website and this blog. Come back often to see what’s new, or drop us a line here to make comments or suggestions!