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frequently asked questions

Do you want to know more about our composts and soils, how our business operates, and what’s going on in our industry? We’re always happy to share our knowledge and learnings from our experience in sustainable recycling. Here are the answers to questions we frequently hear from our customers and partners. Don’t see the topic you’re looking for?
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All of our mulches, soils and composts are available for pickup or delivery in bulk quantities of any size. No job is too big or too small for Triple-S Compost.

Yes, we delivery to your location on one of our many delivery trucks, up to 18-wheeler trailers. Delivery fees depend on location, size and special project needs. Minimum quantities may apply.

We accept cash, checks and major credit cards. Customers may also set up accounts for 30-day terms with proper prior approval.

We are located on the east side of Conroe east of I-45. We are on Hwy 105 approximately 0.5 mile west of N. Walker Road and 1.5 miles east of Crockett Martin Road. When using a GPS, use “17851 TX 105 E, Conroe TX 77306” as the precise input.

Our mulches, soils and blends are made from all-natural materials with no additives, chemicals or treatments. With our careful composting process, our products have profound nutrient advantages over generic, mass-produced products, because they add beneficial materials back into the land — acting as a fertilizer to feed and nourish the landscaping and gardens to which they are added.

With the exception of our cedar mulch, all of our products are composted and manufactured at our location using locally sourced vegetation, lawn, wood, food and water waste. Our cedar mulch comes directly from our supplier–partner in San Antonio because cedar does not grow in southeast Texas.

Triple-S Compost is Texas-born and bred. We’re thrilled to be a member of GO TEXAN, the Texas Department of Agriculture’s program to promote the products, culture and communities of Texas. The distinctive GO TEXAN logo means our premium mulches, soils, composts and custom blends are made right here in Texas with Lone Star pride.

We use only environmentally safe powdered pigments to add color to our red and black mulches. The colors do not leach or run, and are safe for use in all commercial and residential landscapes.

Our experienced sales team will work with you to suggest the best products for your project. Our product recommendations are backed by laboratory data, along with recommendations from industry experts with whom we partner to ensure best-in-class product quality.

Absolutely. We’re particularly proud of the custom blends we are able to produce with our high-quality source materials and careful composting. We regularly work side by side with customers to ensure our blends meet all specifications set by landscape architects, urban planners or any municipal authorities involved in a project.

We actively seek opportunities to partner with customers, businesses and municipalities to turn waste into valuable, recycled products. Our seasoned experts in green composting, organic recycling and beneficial reuse can discuss your business challenge or need.

We accept vegetables, fruits, manures, liquids, coffee, tea leaves, green waste, leaves and yard trimmings. Our helpful team can discuss your needs and offer advice about optimizing waste streams.

We value the trust you place in us as a long-term partner, so it’s important to us that you have all the product you need without purchasing product you don’t. You can estimate how much product you need with our calculator here . Also, we use volumetric infrared scanners at our site to ensure precision measurements. Lastly, our helpful and experienced team is available to answer any project-specific questions you might have, helping you to choose the right products in the right quantities.

We serve many segments of the industry, including commercial and residential landscapers; contractors; municipalities like cities, counties and water districts; urban planners and urban forestry experts; landscape architects and designers; landscape yards, depots and similar suppliers; and residential gardeners. No project is too large for us to handle or too small for us to care. Let’s see what we can do together!

At Triple-S Compost, we believe your success is our success, and that extends to an exceptional level of customer care. We’re happy to discuss your project needs and help if we can. Perhaps we can recommend a trusted partner for products or services we don’t regularly provide, or perhaps we can connect you to professionals who can help with engineering, construction, design or maintenance. We can also help you with ancillary equipment rentals, sand and clay, tree and stump removal, landfill and recycling services, or other needs you might have.

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